Saturday, October 26, 2013


I spent this rainy Friday evening outside in the forest. We were a few people who created a fire, grilled hot dogs and marshmallows and just sat there talking for hours. The rule was; no one was allowed to bring their phones.

We have all played the game where we pile up the phones on the table and the first one to touch theirs loses, and this was like the next step from that. Just the day before I attended a gaming-night where the game stopped due to some people Snapchatting and Instagramming it all.

It is a familiar issue these days, and I am not saying I am better than anyone in any way! I am just as bad as everyone else, I love to Tweet, Snap and Insta – and I have kind of "owned that" until now. I think it is time to change.

It seems like many people are realising this and want to do something about how sharing- and like-addicted we've all become. My friend showed me this video, which is one of many that is appearing right now, and it does put things in perspective.

As my dream job is to work with Apple-products, I am not saying I am going to completely shut down on this technology-stuff. But when there are social events, or I am just going out for a walk in the sunset, there is no need to capture every single moment and have to share it instantly on three different channels. It gets exhausting and I don't want to look back at my twenties and remember "scroll, tap tap, scroll, tap tap" as the one thing I spent my time on.

What do you think, Square Eyes?

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