Saturday, May 31, 2014


I moved the blog! As Blogger became just a bit too familiar, after about a millions years on this platform, I finally crossed over to the dark side of Wordpress. is still live! You can also use

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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Traveling home always brings out a special feeling. Everything is the same way it has always been, more or less. You get served the same food that you love, hang out at the same places you always did and meet the same people that has always been there. It gets extra interesting when bringing someone new into the family. You get to show them around and share all the traditions you have made through the years.

I am loving my easter break that contains all of this along with a sun-burned nose, drinking Solo and eating just a little bit too much sweets with my loved ones.

Saturday, April 12, 2014



Wear a dress. If you don't have one, get a cheap one from the thrift shop.

Go out and have a drink with people you haven't seen in years. Spend more money on a fancy daiquiry than you spent on the dress.

Walk in the rain. Don't travel by bus, get your hands dirty and hair wet.

Stop to photograph the passing traffic.

Just walk around and smile to strangers.

Make an entire pot of coffee and drink all of it.

Rearrange your bedroom, then sit on the floor and read a magazine.

Buy a ticket for Roskilde and never plan how to travel there until the day actually comes.

Friday, April 11, 2014

100 HAPPY DAYS // 10 - 27

Today I am happy about...

All the flowers surrounding me.  //  The most amazing B&O Beolit 12 at work.  //  Changing all the icons.  //  Just Apple stuff!  //  Going on holiday.  //  Old Macs and other Apple-stuff.  //  Ending the holiday with some B&J.  //  Starting the day in a great way.  //  Eating a lot of fun food.

A girl's gotta eat!  //  Mysterious boxes.  //  Turbonegro concert with the boyfriend.  //  My new hobby  //  Discovering the most amazing places.  //  El iPhonus del neue.  //  Getting straight into bed after today's WOD.  //  The smell of a new shampoo and conditioner.  //  Making new friends and exhanging numbers.

Friday, April 4, 2014


I became a Mom almost over night! It is official, I have my own Apple-baby as of April 1st. I am now titled Store Manager at Humac Åsane, and that just feels great. This time I didn't climb the ladder of "success", I jumped – and I am proud of that. Of course I am prepared for oh so much work in the time to come, but as you might have noticed, that's the way - aha aha - I like it.

My complete dream job in life has always been to work in an Apple Store or  Premium Reseller. I am there, and it couldn't feel any better. Now, just wish me luck everybody, I will probably break a leg or five.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


In the rare occation of sunshine and a lot of spare time, it was time for a classic Sunday-roadtrip. I asked the boyfriend to bring me somewhere I had never been before which led us to Fjell Fortress.

The first thing that met us was this incredible pond which seemed to come from nowhere. It was surrounding all the trees, and we found no end to it.

With a sign leading to Fjell Fortress, we decided to walk. After all, how far could it be?

We kept walking for some time and was met by both an incredible view as well as some quite cool army-vehicles.

I had of course decided to dress for the occation; wearing the typical Norwegian Marius-jumper and a skirt.

As we came further up the mountain there were more army-stuff. On one top this guy was just standing there, armed – something I found to be weird as there were nothing but nature surrounding us.

When we found bunkers, we played for a bit.

After a walk that was a lot longer than planned, we reached the top and I loved the view. I think I love all views to be honest.

We decided to head home. That's when the rain startet pouring down. So there I was, in the middle of nowhere dressed in a skirt and jumper only.

Back in the car and completely soaked. It wouldn't have been a perfect Sunday without that rain.