Friday, April 11, 2014

100 HAPPY DAYS // 10 - 27

Today I am happy about...

All the flowers surrounding me.  //  The most amazing B&O Beolit 12 at work.  //  Changing all the icons.  //  Just Apple stuff!  //  Going on holiday.  //  Old Macs and other Apple-stuff.  //  Ending the holiday with some B&J.  //  Starting the day in a great way.  //  Eating a lot of fun food.

A girl's gotta eat!  //  Mysterious boxes.  //  Turbonegro concert with the boyfriend.  //  My new hobby  //  Discovering the most amazing places.  //  El iPhonus del neue.  //  Getting straight into bed after today's WOD.  //  The smell of a new shampoo and conditioner.  //  Making new friends and exhanging numbers.

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