Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ermahgerd, I can't believe they are here. The last four Bowhill singles are out, and the whole collection of nine is now complete. I still think it is awesome electro-music anyone and everyone needs to listen to. Bowhill is available many places, but personally I prefer iTunes and Spotify the most.

Would you like to see the entire puzzle as well? I think you do...

This is the whole thing without all the other fuzz. It has developed at, with a new single out every month. When I the first single, Bodhi, was released people said to me; "Well, the design is ooo-kay..." I understood that, but now that all the secrets are out I can show you what it is supposed to look like with all the pieces together.

I am exited for Bowhill and their future plans - and am very glad that I got to work with them on this piece. I tune out with Bodhi, which I can't count how many times I have listened to...

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