Monday, January 7, 2013


"I thought people were more creative at night?" is the usual response when I say I am a morning-creative. I don't really know why everyone would think this, but I guess it is all from movies and such? I have actually read a study that shows that people are much more creative in the mornings, than at night. This has something to do with just waking up from dreaming and therefore you are suppose to be able to connect better to the creative and non-judgemental part of the brain. Yes, again with that brain-stuff, I know.

The reason I feel I can do better work in the mornings, is because I feel kind of empty and that everything is clear. In the evenings I am only capable of working with plain techincal stuff, but if I have to come up with ideas, there are no better time than when I have just woken up. Sometimes I think I actually wake up BECAUSE I have so many ideas, and I drag my sketchbook out of the shelf to start getting things down before they disappear. In the evenings I have so many impressions from the day that just went by, which I have to process, and if I try working on ideas I get stuck and get close to nothing done.

Of course, I understand that people are different and others might find the mornings as horrible working-hours. Therefore, I am wondering, at what time of the day are you most productive? While you discuss below, I have to make myself some breakfast before heading to work. Yes, I have been designing all morning and are shaking from not feeding my body with anything but caffeine all day.


  1. Det er kanskje ein klisjé, men eg føler eg skriv betre om kveldane/nettene, er ikkje like mykje sjølvkontrollerande og tankane strøymer lettare, men dette kan sjølvsagt variere. Hjernen er fascinerande.

  2. AD-læreren vår sa at vi måtte prøve å være våken i noen døgn, for da fungerer visst hjernen på en helt annen måte slik at man får ideer man kanskje ellers ikke ville fått. Tror det kan være noe i det, men likevel er jeg litt som deg, jeg får aldri noe som helst gjort om kvelden/natta. Skal vi ha idemyldring som en gruppe på skolen er det pretty much ingen grunn for meg å møte hvis det er etter 12.