Sunday, November 18, 2012


I can't wait to travel again! I love reading all these blogs with awesome people who's traveling, dressing well and posting images of themselves at a tiny café, drinking the best cappuchino ever!

What I need to get away from is this horrible weather! When most people go on holiday, they relax and take some time off work, but I don't need that yet. I just can't stand being in this country where it NEVER STOPS RAINING! It is always cold out, people are cold and I get too sick of this too fast.

When I picture this little trip I am going on, I am not spending all my money on shopping and partying, I am sitting outside on a bench, drinking coffee. I am enjoying a great meal at this tiny café I spoke of earlier and I am meeting my friends and former teachers again.

The reasons why I want to leave Norway are many; but the "most visible one" is the weather.

Man, I'll get mad if it rains in England when I am there.

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