Sunday, August 11, 2013


I don't drink sodas without sugar, I mean, where is the fun in that? But I have a friend who always drinks Coca-Cola Zero, and I have tried it as he kept buying it over and over again. Usually I can't stand it, but today I managed to drink this whole "pocket sized" bottle of 300 centiliters. Today was a special day though.

10: RED
This is a polaroid of me and a friend of mine. He finally got to get on my wall of fame, and as you can see, the picture turned out all red. Perfect for the August Break, I thought!

Another thing this Sunday had to offer; connecting the projector I recently got to my PlayStation. I have been playing Guitar Hero so much my arm hurts, finished watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and now I got Pretty Woman in the background. When fall comes, I will definitely be a Netflix-slave.

Hope all your weekends was good!

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