Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Time flies when you're having fun, isn't that what they say? Suddenly it is almost August once again, and in like, twenty days, many of my colleagues goes back to school – which again, marks the end of the summer.

As the rare occasion of great weather has showed itself in Bergen this week, all my films and photographs are gathering dust at some memory-cards right now. I'll have to sort them out later and tell you all about my amazing days off the grid. Here on the Internet, I found a "challenge" called The August Break, and I am going to throw myself on this little wave of blogging. Maybe to get things flowing again..?

There are no rules, only ideas that has already been put out there, and I'll go with it! I am going to photograph after this list every day of this upcoming month. I think exercises like this is a healthy way of keeping creativity alive, and can't wait to get started with tomorrow's breakfast photo!

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