Friday, July 5, 2013

101 / 26 401

101 unread e-mails and 26 401 photos to sort through. I am the kind of person who goes nuts when someone has twenty unread e-mails, and here I am with a three-digit-number. Most of my photos are shot in RAW, which means they take up ALL my space. Apparently Apple decided to put in some sort of block in iPhoto so I no longer can just copy and backup all images here. Oh no, I have to find the original folder, sort out which photos are which, and do ALL my photo-organising one more time. This is hell, I mean, seriously Apple?!

Of course I also use Time Machine to backup everything, but that is more for extra security. The photos and design I create gets backed up "manually" as well. As you may have guessed, I lost everything I had twice; once on a PC, once on Mac. I have been a backup-freak since then.

What I am trying to say is that I am stuck with a bullcrap-huge amount of backing up, reading and deleting - jobs, so both blogging and having a fun Internet-summer seems like something far into the future. Because now, I have to go delete some files.

(And may I?)

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  1. Know the feeling asså! MEN jeg har bestilt ny mac!!! :o Rosita 2.0 kommer i løpet av juli <3