Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Traveling by train is the most amazing way to get a glimpse of Norwegian nature. I had never traveled on "Bergensbanen" before, which is the route from Bergen to Oslo, (and I have heard it is THE TRAINRIDE to go on.) It definately lived up to the expectations.

Seven hours later we found ourselves at, what Oslopeople like to think of as, the centre of Norway. We got some sleep but was up at 7 AM to go stand in line for the Beyoncé concert. In total we spent 13 hours at Telenor Arena that day.

Two hours into the "que-ing" a bird shat on me! This was hilarious and my friend showered my hair with anti bacterial foam and drinking-water.

A couple of hours later, I met a radio-celebrity... She has been on the morningshow that I have listened to since I was very young, and I was stoked to talk to her. I think she was amazed that she even had a fan?

The male part of our group managed to become friends with the security people, and before we knew it, our whole gang was put first in line of ALL the people going to the concert. This meant we could wander around, talk to strangers and basically just chill out, while everyone else sat in the sun, bored, for hours.

When we finally were let in and got to the front, I went back out to use the toilet. Out there it was a mess and many hundreds of people in line to get into the arena. When I was told I had to go all the way to the back of the line again, I thought; "I have not been here for 8,5 hours just to stand in line AGAIN!" Being rather tiny, alone and quiet I managed to climb under some ropes, run from the security man and back to the entrance without any trouble. Back inside I also decided to brung some beer for the gang which had to be thirsty by now. Then I kindly asked a million of angry Beyoncé fans to let me get back to the front, and so I did. My group was amazed that I manged to get through the crowd, but I've done this before, haha. (If you haven't already guessed it, I am very much a concert-person).

And of course, Beyoncé was amazing!

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