Saturday, May 18, 2013


Some days just suck. For me, it is usually in the weekends if I have the days off from work. When it is constantly raining, like here in Bergen, going out and meeting new people is not always a temptation. And I have realised, I need to go out and meet more people, because I am left as the only single lady in my group of friends - which basically means; no cosy-wine-filled-evenings, without them planning it with the boyfriends first. This again leaves me to take on all the wine-drinking alone. In the end this leads me to having to meet more people who also enjoy a spontaneaous glass every now and then.

Then there are that kind of days that just suck, but turn out great! This is when you are dragging your ass around, trying to find something to do, but end up all alone with the wine again, in the middle of the day. Suddenly, the sun starts to shine and calls out for you; "Come play with me!" – and you go do that for several hours. 

Those are the best kind of days, because I absolutely love being outdoors. And even if it feels like it never stops raining, being in Norway when the weather is great is so damn beautiful.

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