Friday, May 10, 2013


As a woman I am obligated to love shoes. I used to think I never would be "that kind of female", until I realised my shoe-love is not directed towards pumps, wedges, boots or any of that; I am a sneaker person.

In Dublin, yesterday, my friend and I was at a sports-store. She told me she felt very uncomfortable in those kind of places, like she didn't fit in. That is exactly how I feel in other shops, but when surrounded by sneakers in all kinds of brands, shapes and colours – I feel great. I might feel at home even.

Adidas is my favourite and I could not let these shoes slip away from me when there was a 20% off. Still, I did good and managed to not bring the entire contents of that shop with me back to Norway.

Because honestly, when can you ever wear sneakers in this country anyway?

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