Sunday, October 7, 2012


Since I got my first iPhone, I have tried a few to do-apps; ToDo, ForgetTheMilk, AwesomeNote, ShopShop, iStudiez, Wunderlist, Wunderkit and of course Apple's Reminders. I started using Reminders with iOS5 and Siri and was very pleased with it; the cloud sync with all my devices, it was easy to use and the fact that it could remind me of stuff at different places was plain awesomeness. Then came iOS6 and fucked it all up. 

Apple changed one thing in the app, ONE, but that was it for me. You could no longer switch between the different lists by just using one finger, which meant you needed both hands to use the app. In lazy 2012, that is just not right. A friend told me about Clear, and it was not long before the Reminders app was removed from the first page on my iPhone. I have a new friend now.

Clear is just another proof that the simplest things are the best - or in this case; the simplest apps are the best. It looks great, is almost too easy to use and does nothing more than what it is supposed to. Clear is the next big to do-app!

Of course I found a little video to show you how it works; 

Enjoy and get things done!

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