Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yesterday I was at an event called Motekoz, roughly translated into Fashion-night, at the fashion- and shopping centre Sundt. Some stores showed their favourite clothing for this fall, we shared tips and tricks in jeans-washing and Bon Appétit served some great food. It was unfortunately too dark for any photos of the fashion-stuff, but I got to sneak in and shoot some images of the food before people arrived. Everything tasted amazing, I just have to mention that! 

As you may have noticed, things have been a bit wild lately: I have had a lot on my hands with the new job, more and more design-work are coming in as well as I am moving in two days... I never knew what to expect from life as a workaholic instead of being a student, but so far I really enjoy things!

I wish you all a great weekend, I have already put on my sweatpants and are going to spend the entire evening at "the office"..   : D You guys go out and party-rock for me!

If you are going to comment that I can't work TOO MUCH or TOO HARD, and that I have to REMEMBER TO BREATHE – step away from the keyboard and go to another website, please. No one accomplished great things by working part-time on something and BREATHING the rest of the time, which I don't even understand what means?! I appreciate your concern, but I hear this every day, and I, Angela, choose to work as much and hard as I do, and I breathe more properly than ever. Thank you. :)

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  1. Haha, snakker vi alenefest på kontoret? Da er vi isåfall to ;)